Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC), along with the Homeowners Association, is committed to achieving the highest practical quality and design of the built environment of The Reserve at Frisco. The architecture and planning of this community is bound within a unique Rocky Mountain environment and it is intended that design be sensitive and responsible to this environment. To this end all homes built in The Reserve must conform to the Architectural Guidelines as set forth in the Design Standards and Procedures, and it is the Architectural Review Committee's responsibility to review all design and construction plans for compliance. In maintaining these standards, the community enhances and secures its quality of life, property values, and visual effectiveness.

The Architectural Review Committee is comprised of members who are appointed by the Association's Board of Directors. In addition, a paid administrative coordinator and a consulting architect provide assistance and support to the Committee.

Committee members are appointed for a one year term and may be reappointed multiple times. In order to be most effective, members generally serve at least three years. Individuals interested in participating on the ARC are encouraged to contact a member of the Board of Directors or the Architectural Review Committee.